The purpose of EUthyroid2 is threefold: the project is a public health research project geared towards effective societal, economic, and scientific aims.

Societal Impact

Iodine is an essential part of thyroid hormones and thyroid hormones are essential for life. In many countries, iodine deficiency receives little attention. Young women do not have much knowledge about the importance of iodine and the effects of iodine deficiency on health.

EUthyroid2 will improve awareness of the importance of iodine for health among adolescents and young women. With the help of educational materials such as brochures, fact sheets, e-books, infographics, and videos and animations, the project will aim to raise awareness and increase knowledge on iodine nutrition and the risks of iodine deficiency.

Prevention programmes will result in improved health outcomes and will serve as an important initiative toward health equity in Europe in the long term.

Scientific Impact

EUthyroid2 will work to conduct implementation studies and community-based randomized-controlled trials and perform interventions in the educational system and ambulatory care in eight study regions.

On the one hand, EUthyroid2 will provide insight into the importance of iodine for health and support research into the effect of iodine deficiency on health, especially for young women.

On the other hand, the research project will emphasise iodine-related risks in adolescents and young women pre-pregnancy (iodine deficiency during pregnancy is related to neurocognitive impairment in the offspring) and the need for adequate prevention programmes in Europe and beyond.

Economic Impact

Iodine deficiency and iodine-related disorders represent a significant financial burden to the healthcare systems of the affected regions but can be easily prevented by iodine fortification programmes.

EUthyroid2 will take steps toward sustainable elimination of iodine deficiency in Europe and beyond and encourage the adoption of iodine fortification programmes at national and international levels.