Ethics Adviser

The Ethics Adviser shall be in charge of monitoring all relevant procedures within the Consortium, ensuring the ethically appropriate undertaking of experiments according to differing national/international ethics guidelines and regulations of the European Commission and to monitor and approve other ethical issues of each WP. The role of the Ethics Adviser shall be as an external advisory body.



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Prof. Alena Buyx, MD, PhD

is a medical doctor and biomedical ethicist with wide-ranging experiences in collaborative and data-rich research environments. She has an international research profile in biomedical and public health ethics, as well as extensive expertise and experience in research oversight, ethics consultancy and committee work at both national and international levels. Just recently, she was independent ethics advisor to a large FP7 medical research consortium (EurHEALTH). She is designated chair of the Kiel University Medical Research Ethics Review Board, and sits on a number of high-level national ethics advisory bodies, amongst them the ethics committee of the German Medical Association. Alena Buyx has recently been appointed at Kiel University; previous senior positions include posts at University College London, Münster University, Harvard University, and the Nuffield Council on Bioethics (the de facto national ethics and policy advisory body of the UK).