Countries that have submitted IDD monitoring studies in EUthyroid

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Source of Administrative boundaries: European Boundary Map (EBM) v9.1, EuroGeographics (2015); The Global Administrative Unit Layers (GAUL) dataset, implemented by FAO within the CountrySTAT and Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) projects; The data sets are slightly modified by UMG/SHIP (reduced number of points per polygon)

Scientists interested in analysing harmonized ID monitoring data can file a data request with the EUthyroid consortium. In order to do so, please download the data request form below (Adobe Acrobat Reader required), complete all fields and submit electronically to 

Please utilize the map to check where study data is available. A data transfer can only be requested by country. Where available, ID monitoring data can be supplemented with national registry data also harmonized according to EUthyroid standards -> Please indicate under List of IDD monitoring data by country whether you would like to obtain registry data as well.
Only fully completed data request forms will be considered by the consortium. 

Generally, an applicant can expect a decision on a data request within 30 calendar days (excluding holidays).  Applicants with granted data requests are contracted for the use of the data. The access agreement contract will cover the aim of the research, the analyses to be carried out, the timeline and the publication of the results. The conditions of the data utilization will be also detailed. The contract will be valid for a defined period of time. The applicant will need to sign the contract with the Coordinator on behalf of the EUthyroid consortium.

Please note: In case of local steering committees deciding over accessing monitoring data, the data request will be evaluated and decided on a case by case basis by the local steering committee in addition to the EUthyroid consortium and might take longer than the 30 calendar days indicated above. These access rights shall be subject to the standard procedures regarding access rights to the data. The decision by the local steering committee on granting any access right to the data is discretionary and shall not oblige to grant access rights. If access is granted by the local steering committee, a separate data usage contract might be signed by the applicant.


 Data request form